Inspirational Speech

By Dr. A. Samanta, Principal

Every year India experiences a crazy scenario during the IIT JEE Exam. The talented students toil day and night for almost two years to crack the IIT JEE. There are several coaching organization working all over India. Kota is a place in Rajasthan which became famous for several unique residential coaching centers. They give coaching to IIT students. Several years back we heard news about students committing suicide after failing to cope with the stress of IIT JEE preparation. These coaching centers arranges all round activities to prepare the candidates technically, discipline them, motivate them and make them mentally strong to take the stupendous load of such preparation.

I have found an inspirational opening speech that was delivered by a faculty at Kota. We can go through it to get a glimpse of the endeavor that runs behind the screen during the preparation of IIT JEE Exam, that is probably one of the toughest exam on the earth.


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