In the very early stage of our civilization (i.e.) in the stone – age or before; man had no difference with the beasts. They used to travel here and there into the nature like Gypsies for hunting for food. But this state did not prolong because man is the greatest creature of God, full of talent. Technology is inborn characteristic of man hidden in the brain and mind which arises at the time of necessity like a dormant volcano. Today man has achieved a dominant position on this planet by the application of technology. The man of stone – age is reigning over space, Moon and Mars. They are playing today with robots and super computers. They have touched today the Zenith of modern science and technology of 21st century.

MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND PARAMEDICAL SOCIETY is one of the fastest growing non – profit – seeking organization in West Bengal, which was born in 13th day of July 1999, under Society Registration Act, Govt. of West Bengal, through the gradual thoughts, plans and ideas of some eventful personalities, who dared to dream to provide international standard education of highest quality to meet the present global demand of technology in India & abroad. Mr. DULAL CHANDA, a man of diligent behavior, personality and sound character in the key – man who lead & inspired the pioneer team in establishing MODERN TECHNOLOGY & PARAMEDICAL SOCIETY. Under the efficient and able leadership of Mr. CHANDA the society promises and assures to reader services in the wider range of rural education, poverty, health & hygiene and social welfare, some other eventful personalities collectively joined with MTPS to make a strong and healthy professional organization and to further their goal impartion technical education. The nucleus of MTPS hub consists of professionals and dynamic individuals who have got legacy of proven track record. Our society is deeply rooted in social economical values with the motive for welfare of people.

Modern science and technology has changed our lifestyle today. Now we live in a world of tumultuous changes. Globalization, internet revolution and rapid technological advancement have created new challenges and opportunities in every sphere of life. This rapid changes, ruthless competition and global challenges made this world a thrilling playground to our student society who graduate every year. Now the question is raised “Who will survive? Who is the fittest?” Our mission is to strive for the overall development of students by educating then in the state of art technologies, so that they emerge as competent professionals to fight against the thrilling global challenges. To meet up the global demand of technology several professional technological institutions have gradually came into existences in huge member specially in Karnataka. Every year thousands of students rush to Karnataka for admission. We think that establishment of Technological College in West Bengal will create opportunities to the student of Central, North and Eastern parts of India. It is one of the important cause that inspired us to establish NSCBIP. To meet the challenges of ever increasing global demand for men technology and skilled professionals particularly in the field of Pharmacy.

Establishment of NSCBIP is humble but firm step towards achievement of this goal. There are only five pharmaceutical colleges in W.B. including Jadavpur University which is absolutely inadequate to meet up the demand of Pharmaceutical Industries in Eastern and North Eastern part of India. Keeping in view of the aforesaid constraints MTPS setup Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Institute of Pharmacy which is starting functioning from academic year 2004 – 05 and onwards. Pharmaceutical technology has possessed a very important position in maintaining the health and environment of mankind in the world. So we have started out NSCBIP college with B. Pharmacy course.