NSCBIP Gardening Club


  1. Mr. Palash Mondal
  2. Mr. Mrityunjoy Majumdar
  3. Dr. Arnab Samanta
  4. Mr. Tapan Kumar Singharoy
  5. Mr. Ratan Biswas


  • Winter Gardening 2012-13: This year we have prepared the ground in front of academic building in the month of Nov 2012 and planted saplings of merrigold (three types), dahlia, chandramallika, cosmos, panji, impression, gladiolus, balsam, etc.
  • Summer Gardening 2013: We have removed the aged seasonal plants from winter garden and prepared the garden in the month of April 2013.
  • Growing of saplings: We have placed the cycas stem offshoots or suckers (often called pups), washed the cut-off base and placed in dry sand for growing new saplings.


  1. An introduction to Cycad reproduction