Seminar Topics

B. Pharm. Semester 6 Seminar

Topic selection on 27th March 2017 (Monday)

Topic selection procedure

  • Ranks of students will be calculated taking YGPA2 + SGPA5 and then sorting in descending order.
  • Students should go through the following topics and make a list of at least 5 topics according to their preference.
  • On the day of selection they will be called according to their rank. They will be allowed to sign just beside their topic of choice. Once a topic is locked remaining students cannot select that topic.
  • If a student is not present on that date she/he should sent her/his list of choices according to preference, written on a paper and signed, the sent through a friend to Dr. N.K. Deb Sir. When her/his turn will appear, the topic will be selected as per her/his preference and availability.
  • If a student is neither present nor sent her/his choices on that day then she/he has to select topic from the available topics at that moment from NKD Sir.

Seminar Topic Download

Seminar Day

  • Date: 19th April 2017 (Wednesday) from 10:30 AM
  • Odd and Even Roll Nos. in separate room
  • Time allowed: 5 min (seminar) + 1 min (questioning)
  • You have to submit a written document of the Topic in this format. Download Document Format
  • Submit a soft copy of the document in pdf format.
  • Deliver the seminar in Powerpoint (ppt)