Research Initiatives

Completed and ongoing research projects

SemesterSubject CodeSubjectSyllabus
Sem-1PT101AnalysisSteps involved in gravimetric analysis
Sem-1M103Remedial MathsInverse matrix, integration by parts
Sem-1PTB101Remedial BiologyMosquito, Silkmoth, Amoeba, Entamoeba, Cell division
Sem-1PT103Inorganic Chemistry
Sem-1PT106DispensingDispensing: pharmaceutical calculation, Latin and abbreviations form of English term.
Sem-3PT304Organic ChemistryKeller-Kiliani Fischer Synethsis, Nomenclature of heterocyclic compounds, Pyridine
Sem-3PT301AnalysisPotentiometric titration
Sem-3PT306Physical PharmacyMathematical problems of kinetics and viscosity, colloids.
Sem-3PT307Pharm. Engg.(A) Centrifugal pump and its merits. Definition of dimensionless group. Semi-logarithmic plot
(B) Inclined tube manometer derivation of the relevant equation. Utility of inclination.
(C) Derivation of equation for calculation of centrifugal effect (C) =2.013n2d. Classification of pump in brief
Sem-3CS303BECAAny two
(A) C-program that reads an integer N and determine the sum of 1^2+2^2+3^2+……..+N^2 (i.e. square series).
(B) C-program that reads an integer N and determine the sum of 1/1+1/2+1/3+⋯+1/N
(C) C-Program that takes the input of three numbers and determines the Largest Number.
Sem-3PT305APHE1. muscle contraction mechanism
2. communicable disease
Sem-5PT506Tech-II1. Force distribution during tablet compression
2. Different methods for determination of flow properties of powder / granules
Sem-5PT508Pharmacology1. GPCR
2. Anticholineesterase
3. beta anti adrenergic drugs
Sem-5PT509MicrobiologyAny two of the following:
1. Structure of antibody
2. Structure of bacteria
3. Cell wall of bacteria- structure
4. Antigen antibody reaction
Sem-5PT503Med. Chem.Any two sets
(A) Classification of NSAIDs, SAR of pyrazolidinedione derivatives,
(B) SAR of anthranilic acid derivatives, classification of antihistamines,
(C) Proton pump inhibitor
Sem-5PT507Pharm. Engg.(A) Construction and uses of triangular phase diagrams for solid-liquid extraction. Working of Dorr agitator
(B) Definition of critical moisture content. Drying rate curve. Mechanism and working principle of Spray dryer.
(C) Working principle of dehumidifier. Definition of refrigerant. Basic parts of refrigeration unit.
Sem-5PT504BiochemistryMetabolism of Ammonia and Nitrogen Containing Monomers.
Sem-7PT706Pharm. Tech.GMP, Quality Audit
Sem-7PT703Med. Chem.β-lactam antibiotics.
Antineoplastic agents.
Sem-7PT702PharmacognosyBasic metabolic pathways. Poly-phenolic compounds. Chemistry, biogenesis and pharmacological activity of Atropine, Morphine and Ephedrine
Sem-7PT708Pharmacology1. insulin
2. PPI
3. Anti thyroid drugs
4. Pro-kinetic drugs
Sem-7PT709APackaging Tech.Quality control of pharmaceutical Packaging,Aerosol, Tamper resistant packaging
Sem-7PT709BAdv. Pharmacognosy